What Is The Best Way To Save For College?

As the cost of college education continues to rise, there is a greater importance placed on having a plan in place to help pay for a loved one’s education. One way is by funding a 529 plan. This type of plan grows tax deferred and if the college expenses qualify, the gains are tax free. The 529 plan can also provide estate tax savings. We can look at your total financial picture and advise you on the best way to fund a college education for your children and grandchildren.

When Should I Exercise My Stock Options?

We have assisted clients for over 30 years on how to maximize their after-tax returns regarding employer equity based compensation. Stock options generally have two values, intrinsic value and in-the-money-value. It is important to consider when planning that some stock options have preferred capital gains tax and alternative minimum tax implications. We can coordinate a plan for you to maximize your employers equity based compensation.

How Do I Reduce Taxes?

Part of our comprehensive approach to wealth management includes considering ways to reduce your tax burden. Through planning we are able to help reduce income tax, alternative minimum tax, and estate tax. Without proper planning, it’s possible to lose over half of your investments and earnings to taxes. We are uniquely positioned to help you reduce your taxes.

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Are My Assets Efficiently Invested?

Stock market volatility, taxes, and unseen investment expenses can disrupt the efficiency of a portfolio. We focus on after tax investment returns that meet our clients’ risk objectives and financial goals. As an independent investment advisor, our firm has access to institutional investment resources that can help reduce investment costs and provide protection in volatile markets. We tailor our clients’ investment portfolios to meet their unique needs. Our innovative technology platform allows our clients to view all their investment accounts, regardless of where the account is custodied.

How Do I Begin Taking Income From My Investments In Retirement?

Understanding how and when to begin taking income from investments requires planning that should be done 5, 10, and in some cases, 20 years before retirement. We have helped many of our clients effectively plan for retirement by determining the best strategy to meet their needs. We have also provided many benefits for individuals that have already been retired for many years. No matter where you happen to be on your way to a stable retirement, we are here to help you.

Our firm provides comprehensive Wealth Management which includes tax, accounting, employer equity based compensation, investment, and financial planning advice for individuals, businesses, and trusts.

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